BG Contour Locking Grip




Gray/ Black

Hinta (Sis. ALV 24 %)

22.00 €


  • Unique ergonomic design mates seamlessly to the shape of cyclists' hands
  • Medically designed by ergonomic specialist Dr. Roger Minkow to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and cycling-related numbness/weakness of the hands, known as Cyclist's Palsy
  • Flexible, ergonomically-shaped platform acts as a shock absorber and disperses pressure
  • Softest density in key contact area to cushion the ulnar nerve
  • Medium density body for secure grip
  • Firmest density inner core for secure bar attachment
  • Easily installed locking clamp ensures secure attachment
  • BG Contour "Regular" Locking Grip - Suitable for majority of riders
  • BG Contour "Narrow" Locking Grip - Smaller diameter for more aggressive riding styles or for cyclists with smaller hands

These extremely comfortable, triple density ergonomic grips are anatomically designed to help cyclists ride longer by reducing hand numbness and fatigue.